Punch Stance
Section 1: Punch Stance Boxing starts from the ground up. In this section you will learn the importance of punching stance and why it makes the hands so much better. You will learn why if you don't develop sound punching stance how you hands suffer as does your defense. You will learn how to develop concrete punch stance fundamentals in this section that you can build solid boxing skills off of.
Foot work drills
Section 2: Foot work drills Once you develop solid punching stance you have to learn how to move dynamically with it while maintaining it. You learn just that in this section. Many fighters and world class ones lack solid fundamental footwork today and it's the very thing that holds them back from becoming the best fighter they can be. I teach you how to move in this section while ideal maintaining balance and leverage for your boxing skills to flow off from. Your feet will either make you or break you. So start learning how to maximize them.
Jump Rope Basics
Section 3: Jump Rope Basics In this section I teach you the basics of how to use a very underused tool in the jump rope. The jump rope is great for rhythm, timing, coordination, balance, agility, and of course conditioning, It adds significantly to your boxing skill workouts. I teach you the basics of it in so you can start to effectively use it in your training now.
How To Wrap Your Hands
Section 4: How To Wrap Your Hands. You must protect your hands in your boxing workouts! In this section I teach you how to effectively wrap your hands for ultimate protection and performance. You must take care of your hands because you can't box without them! learn how in this section!
The Basics Of The Heavy Bag
Section 5: The Basics Of The Heavy Bag. Many students get sloppy on the heavy bag making costly mistakes. The heavy bag can destroy the good work your coach instills in you if you don't learn how to properly work it. In this section I teach you the common mistakes students make when working it, how to prevent them, and how to maximize your performance by hitting it properly.
Punch Mitt Basics
Section 7: Punch Mitt Basics People treat the punch mitts like they are playing patty cake with them. They don't develop leverage, or how to properly punch through the target. In this section I will teach you the basics on how to hold and work/punch the punch mitts. When used correctly the mitts are an outstanding tool to use in your training to raise your skill level you new heights. They are also a wonderful conditioning tool when used correctly. After studying this section on what I teach, you will know how to effectively hold and work the mitts to greatly improve your boxing performance.
The Basics Of The Double End Bag
Section 8: The Basics Of The Double End Bag. The double end bag is a very tricky bag to hit at first, but what it develops in you is truly invaluable. Hand eye coordination, punching accuracy, rhythm, timing, speed, and pure skill. In this section I teach you the basics on how to hit and work it effectively. Once you get going on this bag there is no looking back as it really brings out the best in you. You will learn how in this section.
Speed bag Basics
Section 9: Speed bag Basics. The speed bag is a terrific tool to improve your hand/eye coordination, timing, accuracy, rhythm, and hand speed. It's a very tricky bag to hit at first but in this section I teach you some techniques that will allow you to hit the bag more effectively faster. This bag compliments all the other bags in this dvd, so you will see the carry over to them, on the mitts, and in the ring.


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